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Welcome to http://ansi-st-tests.sourceforge.net/

ANSI-ST-tests Project

This project, started at Camp Smalltalk San Diego, March 2000, is an ongoing effort to supply ANSI Standard Smalltalk support to all current Smalltalk dialects.

This goal will be accomplished in stages.

  1. A common SUnit will be created for each dialect
  2. A set of tests for each dialect, which test compliance with the ANSI Standard will be created (built on SUnit)
  3. A set of files to provide ANSI Standard protocols to each dialect
The following Smalltalk dialects and versions are slated to be supported
  • Dolphin (3.0)
  • Gemstone (5.x)
  • ObjectStudio (6.2)
  • Smalltalk MT (2.6)
  • Smalltalk/X (3.6.4)
  • Squeak (2.7)
  • VisualAge (4.5, 5.0)
  • VisualSmalltalk (3.1x)
  • VisualWorks (2.5.2, 3.0, 5i)
Thus, the project will be broken up into three modules here on SourceForge:
  • SUnit Camp Smalltalk
  • ANSI Tests
  • ANSI Support
At the time of this writing, the first release of SUnit Camp Smalltalk is available. Information for that module is available at SUnit Camp Smalltalk
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